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Month: October 2020
30 Oct

We are all equal, except that some are more equal than others.

  30th of October 2020 If you thought you were reading a totally revolutionary stock market chronicle that would talk about something other than the usual subjects, I will disappoint you because we are still in the middle of this immense swamp without any visibility, not to mention that politics will take over COVID in..

28 Oct

Evil is everywhere, Xanax on toast is a must this morning

28th of October 2020 Another rotten day. Not as rotten as Monday’s, but another one of those days we could do without. And when you look at the graphs, it’s taking the same nasty turn we took at the beginning of March. The stakeholders have entered the acceptance phase and we are acting as if..

26 Oct


26th of October 2020 Of course we have known for some time that the panic we experienced in February is back. Of course we’ve known for a long time that COVID is back and it’s blowing up in our faces. The question is what is true, what is not true and what will be the..

23 Oct

Normally it should go up, but if it doesn’t, it could go down. But we don’t rule out the possibility that the market will do nothing

23rd of October 2020 Something concrete will have to happen and we will have to start moving and get out of the geopolitical swamp we are in, because I personally, all by myself, am a little fed up with the theories of some and others on the consequences of such and such a decision that..

22 Oct

Battle of egos

22st of October 2020 I dream of an economy that is based on the performance of companies and not on the interpretation of figures that is made according to the opinion of analysts who have never managed a box in their lives and who make their predictions with excel files and by reading the coffee..

20 Oct

It comes and goes, sings and dances like a stimulus that doesn’t know what it wants – but it’s very popular.

20th of October 2020 As some of you already know, I’ve been getting up very early in the morning and talking about the financial markets for many years, in writing, orally and now on video. During these almost 15 years of stock market columns, I’ve often been asked the question; “how do you find things..

16 Oct

Curfews and lack of stimulus lead to nervous breakdown

16th of October 2020 While Americans spend their days wondering whether the magic Pelosi-Mnuchin doublet is finding solutions or WILL FIND solutions for the stimulus – yesterday it suddenly became clear that the new health restrictions put in place by European governments will not necessarily help economic reconstruction, quite the contrary. Travelling in Europe is..

15 Oct

The second wave, the blue wave and the Stimulus who lost his surfboard

  15th of October 2020 Over the past 100 years, global stock exchanges have become accustomed to working on many levels. Economic fundamentals, corporate fundamentals, technical analysis, quantitative trading systems that work on their own and win every time until the day they win nothing, and then geopolitics – geopolitics that has become, nowadays, American..

14 Oct

Nothing has changed, but nothing goes up anymore

14th of October 2020 It is amazing how the social distance between theory and practice has become more important in recent days. When one takes the time to read the expert opinions available in the media, one learns some pretty clear things that leave no room for doubt. Then you can try to apply the..