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Month: January 2021
29 Jan

It’s when you think you can’t do worse, when you exceed expectations.

29th of January 2021 I think we’re reaching levels of bullshit in the financial markets that we’ve never seen before. Beware, don’t think that we haven’t already made efforts in the past to be ridiculous and look like world-class idiots, no, on the contrary, we even thought that what finance had developed in 2008 in..

28 Jan

The Ponzi

  28th of January 2021 We experienced the first day of “violent” decline in the Biden era. That he can’t always do everything right either. Yesterday the markets missed a step. Missed a step because the FED did not announce that it would do “whatever it takes”, but rather it announced that we had not..

27 Jan


27th of January 2021 AMD has published very good figures, lacks some visibility, but the fundamentals are excellent. Microsoft has again announced an exceptional quarter, it’s also a celebration in the village at Johnson & Johnson, just like at GE. But to be honest, no one cares and the only thing the market is interested..

25 Jan

Crazy Market

25th of January 2021 The long list of signals that say this market is on the verge of madness keeps getting longer and longer; ultra-speculation, regrouping of traders “who know”, manipulation, exacerbated enthusiasm on everything related to the blockchain, bitcoin, electric cars, new technologies, over-valuation of shares that will “make” money in 2035 after the..

20 Jan

400’000 dead and the inauguration of the Walking Deads

20th of January 2021 The great thing about the market right now is that you feel that nothing can happen to you. Magic Biden is about to enter the White House, and never since Kennedy have we felt like there was a whole people behind him. This man is a Demigod who will change the..

19 Jan

Welcome to the imaginary world of Euphoria

19th of January 2021 Yesterday the Americans were closed. The Europeans ended up higher because things were better in China – even though the Chinese have to close cities because of COVID. Fundamentally, better economic numbers are always better and more joyfully interpreted by the markets than a few million people deprived of freedom in..

18 Jan

A day of reflection 18th of January 2021 A new week is starting and a smart one that could tell the direction it will take. It must be said that this Monday will mark the day of Martin Luther King in the United States and therefore everything will be closed, it will only remain for..

12 Jan

Who wants to develop a vaccine against bullshit and euphoria?

12th of January 2021 Almost 21 years ago to the day, it became SO easy to make the stock market that many people quit their jobs and became traders. At that time, my golf instructor became a trader, because “you see, it’s so easy to make money that I have better things to do than..

11 Jan

The market that “KNOWS” and the economy that rows

11th of January 2021 Monday is always the day of the balance sheets. Last week’s balance sheet and next week’s balance sheet. But today, I don’t know if it’s still necessary to think about what’s going on since we’re pretty sure of one thing: the recovery is going to happen. Well, okay, we don’t know..