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Month: March 2021
31 Mar

Need for a vacation

  31st of March 2021 With a long weekend approaching, the markets already look like they’re looking for the eggs, knowing that it’s going to be complicated to get down to Rome this year. Even for the bells and whistles that run us. Still, everything seems to be in freewheel mode and the same themes..

30 Mar

The CFD is a Gremlin that ignores itself

30th of March 2021 We can talk about the world’s stock markets, but yesterday, no matter what was happening on the broad indices (as they say to make it classy), all eyes were on the banking system which had – obviously – once again found a way to make news. We won’t refer to Credit..

25 Mar

Global markets are like a ship in the Suez Canal: stuck

  25th of March 2021 If one were to sum up what’s going on in the markets right now, I think I’ve come up with the perfect phrase that sums it all up: “markets posted mixed results on Wednesday as investors remained cautious and largely refrained from making any significant moves. ” – basically; nothing..

24 Mar

The pangolin blues

  24th of March 2021 The good thing is that we are always able to find explanations as to why and how. After more than 30 years in this business, I still find this need to explain what happened yesterday that we have so fascinating. It’s visceral, every morning we need to understand “why” the..

23 Mar

Yield crash and the interconnection with the Nasdaq

  23rd of March 2021 It is fascinating to note that during our life as equity investors, we spend about 98% of the time not giving a damn about the behavior of the bond market and 9 times out of 10 we would not be able to tell what an investment in a US Treasury..

19 Mar

If it is, Powell is lying

  19th of March 2021 So we are sold the fact that THIS WEDNESDAY would be the most important Wednesday of the decade, if not of the century. THAT THIS MEETING of the FED in particular could change the face of the world and since June 6, 1944, there hadn’t been a more important day..

18 Mar

The Traveler of the Future

  18th of March 2021 The media and experts were all convinced that the March 2021 FED meeting would be “one of the most important meetings of the last few years” – a bit like it has been every third time in the last 20 years, but you have to sell newspapers and give the..

17 Mar

Between anxiety and anguish, my heart sways

17th of March 2021 No more talk about the stimulus. No more talk of inflation. No more talk of sector rotation. We’re not talking about tech anymore. No more talk about cryptos. But on the other hand, we’re getting anxious about the FED’s statements tonight, it’s unheard of. Anxiety This Tuesday which has just ended..

16 Mar

It’s raining MONEY

  16th of March 2021 The Dow Jones has just set its fourth consecutive record, the S&P500 is at its highest level ever and my little finger tells me that it will go straight to 4’000 points in the next few days. Meanwhile, the Nasdaq has just invalidated its “Head & Shoulders” and the long-awaited..