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Month: April 2021
30 Apr

Being right all the time is the most important thing

  30th of April 2021 Looking at the numbers for the quarter, everything looks pretty good, but we are victims of the “we knew because we are too strong” syndrome, so it’s not as euphoric as we might have hoped. Which makes for depressing closings overall, and markets of any kind look tired and unable..

29 Apr

If financial analysts were doctors, we would all be dead

  29th of April 2021 Before going further into yesterday’s session and the avalanche of news that goes with it, I have to say that I’m wondering more and more about the added value of “analysts’ forecasts”. Far be it from me to do better, but it’s more the “what’s the point” that I’m wondering..

28 Apr

The first one to move has lost

  28th of April 2021 The problem, when we have weeks full of results like the one we are living, is that we don’t dare to do anything while waiting for the publications. And since the big publications we were waiting for show up after the close, we do nothing during the day. And then?..

27 Apr

Monday, it’s warm-up

27th of April 2021 As we all know, before playing sports, you have to warm up or you risk a muscle strain. In finance, it’s the same; you can’t start a week like the one we’re about to start without taking precautions. So we started these 5 days of marathon at a slow trot. Some..

26 Apr

There’s going to be some action

  26th of April 2021 After a week of hesitations, procrastinations, taxations and cryptonization, it’s time to get back to serious things and talk about fundamentals. The week ahead of us is quite simply THE biggest of the quarter. Not only will the big names in tech be releasing, but on top of that, 180..

23 Apr

Joe “Robin Hood” Biden has struck

23rd of April 2021 If one day, at a social dinner – assuming we can get back to a social dinner before the end of the decade – but if one day at one of these parties, someone asks you “how do you trigger a sell-off in the American market? “you can answer with a..

22 Apr

The magic potion still works – but it depends on the dosage

  22nd of April 2021 Yesterday I spoke with a journalist. A journalist who asked me if the two days of decline we had just experienced in the markets were not FINALLY a sign that we had reached the end of the Bull Market and that the crash had arrived. Buy the weakness If only..

21 Apr

The 22nd return of COVID leaves its mark

  21st of April 2021 The clock is ticking fast. I will never cease to marvel at our ability to turn the tables in less time than it takes to say “turn the tables”. Or even: “COVID”. Three days ago the arguments were strong and we were marching from record to record without question. The..

20 Apr

The waltz of adjectives while waiting for better

  20th of April 2021 Profit-taking, Sell-off, Weakness. It’s hard to find words when you don’t know what to say. Especially when you know that the most important thing is to fill the pages of newspapers and websites. And to bring in the readers afterwards. So it’s suddenly much easier to attract readers with headlines..

19 Apr

Is it good? Are we euphoric now? Shut up and buy more!

  19th of April 2021 It’s hard to find arguments to justify buying and buying again every day. The indices are at all-time highs – even Switzerland is at all-time highs – yes, well, not exactly, since the highs are 11263 and last Friday we were only at 11262. But we’ll say that for a..