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Month: May 2021
31 May

Big week, small day

  31st of May 2021 The week ahead of us could be a sporty one. Between the avalanche of economic figures, most of the central bankers who will be released into the wilderness, the inflation fears that will fall on us every 5 minutes, the OPEC meeting and the employment figures on Friday, we could..

28 May

Spending Joe or the return of the Stimulus

  28th of May 2021 In yesterday’s column I talked about comas and markets that remained in a total lethargy. During yesterday’s session, I had, for a brief moment, this impression of “déjà-vu”, this moment when we tell ourselves that we have already lived this kind of moment. Indeed, Thursday’s session was like Wednesday’s, almost..

27 May

In a coma for the 125th anniversary of the Dow Jones

  27th of May 2021 When I look at the markets, I get the feeling that we are in one of those summer markets where nothing is happening and traders are more concerned with their beach readings than economic data. And then I look out the window, worse, sometimes I open it and by the..

26 May

The market is sinking

  26th of May 2021 This morning’s headline may be a bit provocative, I realize. “The market is sinking” may not exactly represent what happened yesterday on the world’s stock markets. In fact, it’s not even that at all. The S&P500 was down 0.21%, while the CAC40 was down 0.28%. Not to mention that the..

25 May

And Musk tweeted and the world changed (again)

  25th of May 2021 If you take the time to look closely at the stock market, you have to admit that there is a lot going on. We have just concluded three consecutive bullish sessions, we are fighting every day to know if inflation is good or bad (especially for the tech sector), we..

11 May

There is something rotten in the kingdom of inflation

  11th of May 2021 I believe that in these columns, I have regularly had the opportunity to criticize or ironize on the market’s ability to turn its coat at the speed of light. Just to prove that I’m not talking nonsense, he just proved me right again. Not that I predicted anything, but his..

10 May

THEY WIRED THE MARKET upside down!!!

  10th of May 2021 If the world’s stock market were a human being, we’d have been worried about its mental health for a while. But since last Friday, it’s really become super-angry and we could say that he’s doing a “Burn-Out” and that it would be good to put him in a medical institution..

07 May

The million, the million, the million!!!

  7th of May 2021 The Dow Jones is breaking records, the S&P500 is threatening to follow. Some tech is trying to recover, but it’s not easy as the risks of inflation resurfacing this afternoon remain extremely high. A day quickly forgotten The main color of yesterday’s session was definitely green. Green in Europe, green..

06 May

I’m too old for this

  6th of May 2021 This morning’s title is a bit provocative, but then again, I didn’t start it. If you take the time to read the financial news of the day and the details of what happened yesterday, you might wonder if there isn’t something wrong in the wonderful world of finance. Text explanation...