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Month: June 2021
30 Jun

Transitionary, how long is it?

30th of June 2021 I’m not going to replay yesterday’s movie, but let’s just say that the world’s stock markets are still in the same mood. We’re waiting for Friday’s figures to see if the average American has decided to go back to work, or if he’s waiting for the end of the summer, and..

28 Jun

Never weak again anymore

28th of June 2021 The world’s stock markets are sailing from record to record at the beginning of the summer. Nothing seems to be able to stop the machine that is running amok. In fact, according to the experts, it is not even running away; it is simply an economy that is glowing with health..

24 Jun

Dove or Hawk or Cathie

  24th of June 2021 Technically, we are in summer. Visually we’re not sure where we are, but let’s just say that when you look at the global markets and the passion that drives them,. The world’s major stock markets are all taking turns wondering if Powell is nice (a dove) or if he is..

23 Jun

Sit down! Down! Stand up! Flip! Buy! Sell! Buy again!

    23rd of June 2021 Days pass, different feelings pass, notices come and go. The only constant is the attention that the market pays to Powell’s words, the guy has to be super-careful about what he says, because he currently has the power to make or break fortunes. To create bubbles or trigger crashes...

22 Jun

Never underestimate the power of human stupidity

  22nd of June 2021 As you probably know, I’ve been writing this column for more than 15 years now, and long before I started writing, I had already seen a lot of stupid markets, but I believe that in 2021, we are reaching new heights in terms of stupidity. Yes, I could have said..

21 Jun

Change in the weather

21st of June 2021 Last week we could only wait for the end of the FOMC Meeting. After the FOMC Meeting we wondered if the fact that the FED was going to raise rates twice in 2023 would change anything in our tortured investor minds. And then on Friday, one of Powell’s henchmen, the man..

18 Jun

From dove to hawk at the speed of light

  18th of June 2021 Yesterday’s session was placed under the sign of transformation. We all know that with willpower, motivation and a lot of effort, we can do what we want with our lives. There is no lack of quotes on motivation. For example, yesterday I came across a quote that said “I don’t..

17 Jun

Sooner than expected but as transitory as necessary

  17th of June 2021 There, there, there. We came, we saw and we conquered. And now with last night’s FED announcements, we’ve got all our trades in place through 2023. All we have to do is go on vacation for the next 24 months and we’ll see you at the May 2023 FED meeting,..

16 Jun

We are ready. The question is: ready for what?

  16th of June 2021 To be honest with you, I could repeat almost the same column as yesterday and I would not be far from the truth. We’re still waiting for the FED’s announcements, but that’s nothing new. We knew that they would come to speak on Wednesday night and not before, but since..

15 Jun

The FED in the crosshairs

  15th of June 2021 The best summary of the day would be to say that the focus has been on the FED meeting that starts today and ends tomorrow. Which is interesting, because other than waiting for Wednesday night for news, we don’t have much else to do. No, because as far as I..