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Month: July 2021
21 Jul

The vaccine did it again, especially on the Bulls

  21st of July 2021   It’s interesting that in the space of 17 hours and 30 minutes, we can go from laughter to tears for absolutely no reason. In this case, it was from tears to laughter, but it was fascinating nonetheless. NOTHING, but absolutely nothing has changed since Monday’s bad day. NO fundamental..

20 Jul

Delta hovers over stagflation

20th of July 2021 If for a brief moment we had the slightest doubt, yesterday the doubt was lifted. This time it is certain, we know that the trees are not going to the sky. The violent correction of this Monday in July sets the record straight and while two weeks ago we were counting..

19 Jul

Hangover Monday

  19th of July 2021   We won’t lie to ourselves, the second part of last week was not the best of our lives. The indications and signals that the stock markets are giving us are not the most euphoric that we can dream of in the perfect financial world in which we have been..

07 Jul

When it is obvious, it is obviously wrong

  7th of July 2021 We all know that finance is not an exact science. Contrary to what some people would have us believe and especially their clients believe, we must recognize that over the years, we have largely realized that nothing is taken for granted and that what seemed obvious 20 years ago is..

06 Jul

On the verge of a stock market crash

  6th of July 2021 The rest of the world was alone yesterday. Alone without the Americans. As usual, we think it’s useful to open when they are not there. And in fact, it doesn’t. It doesn’t do much good. But since we know that the next time we leave, we’ll do the same thing,..

05 Jul

Yesterday’s tomorrows and tomorrow’s watches

5thof July 2021 Every time the Americans are not there, we tell ourselves that Europe and the rest of the world will be able to spend a real day without the influence of the cousin from across the Atlantic. And then the next day, when we look at the performances and the volumes, we say..