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18 Jan

A day of reflection 18th of January 2021 A new week is starting and a smart one that could tell the direction it will take. It must be said that this Monday will mark the day of Martin Luther King in the United States and therefore everything will be closed, it will only remain for..

12 Jan

Who wants to develop a vaccine against bullshit and euphoria?

12th of January 2021 Almost 21 years ago to the day, it became SO easy to make the stock market that many people quit their jobs and became traders. At that time, my golf instructor became a trader, because “you see, it’s so easy to make money that I have better things to do than..

11 Jan

The market that “KNOWS” and the economy that rows

11th of January 2021 Monday is always the day of the balance sheets. Last week’s balance sheet and next week’s balance sheet. But today, I don’t know if it’s still necessary to think about what’s going on since we’re pretty sure of one thing: the recovery is going to happen. Well, okay, we don’t know..

05 Jan

COVID & Rates

5th of January 2021 Five days ago, wishing each other a “HAPPY NEW YEAR” after the eighth bottle of champagne, we almost sincerely thought that the coming year was going to be more clement with us. It’s always very difficult to know what the future holds – just look at a chart of 2020 and..

17 Dec

What if we confine Wall Street until 2021?

  17th of December  2020 Yesterday is one of those days that make you feel like you don’t know what to do, where to go and why you’re there. I even come to wonder why we continue to treat when we could go to the beach right away. I mean, if we weren’t in the..

15 Dec

After injection; the reaction

  15th of December  2020 The United States has begun large-scale vaccination. This was undoubtedly THE news of the day. To be frank, it didn’t show up in the market, or at least not at closing. There was a bit of euphoria at the opening as the first images of people being vaccinated were playing..